A Nasty Boy is live on Kickstarter

Today marks our first day live on Kickstarter, a crowdfunding platform that allows entrepreneurs, such as ourselves, share our ideas with a global community of backers.

For our campaign to be successful, we need to reach our $25,000 goal that will be used towards publishing our first print issue. As we cannot do this alone, we have created a Kickstarter campaign and  this post.

We (A Nasty Boy) have met with a few investors here in Nigeria who have all expressed the same hesitation and concern over what we are. The problem is that those with the resources to fund a magazine such as this also come with the same traditional values that A Nasty Boy seeks to subvert. This obviously makes it a hard sell as many have expressed how unnecessary they believe the publication is, or have outrightly demanded we stop promoting an agenda they disagree with. They see no reason why they should invest money in us, in spite of our growing global reach and readership.

Since its inception, A Nasty Boy has been self-funded with a tremendous support from our friends and creative partners who have also invested their time and resources into our many stories and campaigns.

Unfortunately, we believe we have nearly exhausted this kinds and our already tight resources. However, we are a magazine built by a group of regular Nigerians who believe that normality has no strict definition. As such, we see our mission as democratic. We hope that funders here will see our vision and help us print our first issue. We’d rather be funded by lots of little donations from people who share our dreams and want to help us build this space in Nigeria, rather than by a small group of wealthy backers who would seek to use this space for commercial gain.

How can you help?

You can help by visiting the page here, donating and/or sharing our campaign with your friends, family and colleagues. Our campaign will be live for another 28 days, we need to meet our goal of $25,000 before the expiration of this period otherwise the campaign is unsuccessful.

Remember, no donation is too small!