championing diversity: a nasty boy collaborates with wetransfer and the dots uk

FILMS / Nigeria
15 July, 2018
Producer: Nollywood
Words: Dawuta

In honour of Pride Month, we throwback to our collaboration with WeTransfer and The Dots UK, titled: Championing Diversity.

We had the pleasure of working closely with WeTransfer, their editorial platform: This Works; and creative social platform: The Dots, on their project — Championing Diversity, where they selected 8 creative leaders of today (A Nasty Boy being one of them amongst others such as, Tea Uglow from Google Creative Labs, and filmmaker Matt Lambert, etc.) to nominate the next generation of LGBTQ+ creative talents working in our respective spaces.

Being a curator on this project, it was important for A Nasty Boy to nominate a young Nigerian creative who we genuinely believe to be promising, revolutionary, and boundary-pushing.

Daniel Obasi, a stylist, and visual curator was our standout nomination. We nominated Obasi for many reasons, some of which include: the powerful and provoking emotions his work commands, while speaking in volumes to conversations around gender norms, sexuality, and identity; his work continues to broaden the definition of what it means to be a ‘Nigerian man’ and, champions gender fluidity as a panacea for strict ideas of gender.We’re excited to see Daniel enjoy such global recognition, thanks in part to this project, for his contributions to the arts here in Nigeria. Today, his name sits elegantly amongst other equally talented creatives from across the globe who are causing positive change through their work.

Many thanks to WeTransfer and The Dots for having us as a curator on this beautiful project; it feels good being a part of something positive and inspiring.

You can read the feature on WeTransfer – here, The Dots – here, and read more about Daniel Obasi – here

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