Dreams is our brand new series that features exceptional creatives and personalities from Nigeria and across Africa that we love. We like them enough to bring them to you, and for you, they’ll take stock of their lives in fun and revealing facts.

Meet: Biodun Laaro, a TV personality based in Lagos, Nigeria. You can follow him here!

Expecting: My next big break! I’m looking to do more talent-wise. I’ve been blessed with the platforms I am affiliated with, and I am always looking to do new things. I’m nursing a couple of pet projects, and I am lucky to have ruthlessly ambitious friends around me who challenge, motivate and drive me to be better.

Noticing: The explosion of culture! Its so beautiful. We are growing as a people, regardless of whatever sad stories come out of this part of the world, when you take a step back to look at how we live among ourselves you’d realize we have come a long way. We are paying so much attention to art, fashion, food, good music, architecture, and even the most basic forms of human interaction (Yeah! This one is for those of us who aren’t afraid to kiss each other on both cheeks when we say “Hi!”). We have managed to infuse our culture into the advancements we have adopted from other parts of the world, and it has opened up so much opportunities within this economy. As a people we are smart, and we know how to make opportunities profitable.

Giving: My younger brother the childhood I never had. I never got to live the early part of my childhood with my parents, my mum fell ill and my father worked out of Lagos at the time. I grew up with my grandparents who were also still raising my uncles at the time so it was a big house and I think I kinda missed out on quite a handful of things. My relationship with my father never really took off, I don’t have too many memories of me and him running around a field playing, nor me asking for luxuries I thought he could afford. Mum’s mother was very firm, where dad had a softer grip she had one even harder. Haha! You get the picture. All the beautiful childhood I see now in my dreams; I work hard to bring to life for my younger brother. My mum is always in awe when he and I bond, its like he says bring me the moon and I’m heading straight up in a rocket to get it. I feel blessed that I can give him that.

Loving: My Skin! #CallMePetty. Its been an awesome Ramadan and the season has helped me cleanse. I paid particular attention to my diet, even though I have lost more weight this year than any other Ramadan. My skin is visibly tender. It’s just amazing. Those selfies be popping!

Buying: I recently ordered a Romphim! Haha! I’m on a dare and I have to wear it to work when it arrives, so look out for that.

Listening: Adam Young, Jon Ogah and Odunsi. I love Owl City (his real name is Adam Young), he has one of the most beautiful minds I have ever come across. Last year, he took a break from the Owl City  project and started a new project called AYoung Scores. What he did was create scores for 12 historic events, releasing one score each month all through last year. These events range from the Sinking of the Titanic, The Ascension of Mount Everest, Apollo 11, Project Excelsior, and a couple more. The scores leave you transfixed.

I also recently just stumbled on a Nigerian artist on Sound Cloud named Odunsi. I guess loving Owl City explains why I like his music, there is something ethereal about it.

Talk about Jon’s song “Uncle Suru” there’s something so anthropological about it. It speaks to the genuine human desire to be successful and the challenges that come with. Jon has such a beautiful voice, and he is such a brilliant young man which makes listening to his music so easy.

Reading: The Better Man Project by Evan Sanders. The reason I connect with this so much is that I think I am in a very vulnerable state in my life. I have had to unlearn many of the things that I think I know. So I am taking my time to learn new things and find new meanings to most of life’s concepts; faith, forgiveness, grief, friendship, joy, etc. These are some of the concepts that  Evan treats in his writing,  poetry and even via his Instagram posts. Not to mention, he is an awesome life coach.

Wasting: My grandmother gave me this huge can of hot chocolate. I honestly don’t know what to do with it. I’m a tea person, and it was such a kind gesture of hers that I can’t give it away. So I have been adding hot chocolate to everything; cereal, custard, oats, I even have it as a random drink sometimes. Thanks Grandma!

Making: I’ve been making a lot of time for family. Towards the end of last year and even earlier this year, I felt a great deal of spiritual imbalance – I felt so distant from God and many of my family members, beating myself up for mistakes I had made with friends and all. So lately I’ve been taking time to retrace my steps, and it has quite been a beautiful journey. I am interested in people, genuinely, I guess it just took me longer to learn to handle the inconsistencies that happens in the course of relating with them. I live quite a stressful life, I’m just happy that I have learnt to manage my time, and get to better connect with the ones I love.

Drinking: A lot of Mango Juice actually. Be it smoothie, freshly squeezed, or what ever form it comes in. if it’s Mango juice, I am drinking it. I thinks it’s something about how slurpy it’s.  It just gets me. Oh yeah and loads of hot chocolate. HAHAHA 😉

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