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Nigerian millennials are currently having unique conversations on fashion, art, lifestyle and culture expressed across diverse mediums of visual arts and communication. The common threads through all these conversations are individuality and diversity flowing through an endless stream of creative thoughts.

For their new monthly campaign dubbed “Tribe Orange”, Nigerian fashion brand Orange Culture taps into this conversation in what the creative director Adebayo Oke-Lawal explains as “a celebration of people who stand in alignment with the Orange culture values of individuality, diversity and love”. Set to be released exclusively through A Nasty Boy, the monthly series will highlight young Nigerians living their best free and liberated lives here in Nigeria.

In this short conversation with the brand’s Creative Director, Adebayo Oke-Lawal, he tells our EIC about the series.

Why is this campaign necessary?

We are choosing youths who are having unique conversations and are living liberated and unique lives. These things are expressed in the way they style themselves, the way they express themselves, and the way they express their creativity. They don’t understand borders and that’s something that we celebrate as a brand.

So, why was it important you collaborated with Daniel Obasi as the stylist and photographer of the series?

Daniel is literally one of the most creative minds we have here in Nigeria. We love to work with people who travel mentally, love fantasy and enjoy creating beautiful stories that evoke intriguing conversations. Daniel’s work always does that.

Speaking on their choice of  Josiah Henry Osagie as the inaugural face of this campaign, Daniel Obasi, stylist and photographer, had this to say: 

Josiah is what I call a soulful poet, his writings have this tender yet important way of delivering a message, his energy is young and highly contagious and spoke of someone living his truth and not ashamed to express it. With a bohemian meets urban style, we wanted to paint a character out of his imagination and style for this series, a gypsy; poetic and youthful!

Here’s a poem by Josiah Henry Osagie introducing himself!

I am as the night sky – dark and tender,
My garments flow like waterfalls,
My hair, abounding in kinky grace,
is dancing,

Dancing like waves under the spell of the moon.
My soul burns with the fire of youth

Raging against the dying of the light.
Whisper me your secrets; I’ll hide them under the stars.

Josiah was styled and photographed by Daniel Obasi in all AW17 Orange Culture pieces and accessories in collaboration with Adele Dejak.