Multitaskers: Wavy The Creator

Multi-Taskers is our new series that celebrates the brilliance of today’s true multitaskers who continue to prove that you can indeed be Jack of many trades and master of each and everyone of them.

Kicking the series off is Wavy The Creator. A multidisciplinary Nigerian creative; she’s a singer/songwriter, filmmaker, photographer, graphic designer amongst many other things that she has adeptly perfected. She talks finding her balance and her new single High with us. 

A Nasty Boy: Kindly talk us through the many things you do?

Wavythecreator: Damn. Well I low-key think I do the most.. I do photography, film, fashion (I actually make clothes), I sing, I write. Sometimes graphics. I draw, I paint, and other things i can’t remember right now.

A Nasty Boy: If you had to pick, which would you say are your strongest and weakest links?

Wavythecreator: I think what I am most comfortable with would be my strongest. And what I practice more often. To be honest,  I don’t think there is a situation of stronger or weaker. I think for the most part whatever craft I am doing at any given time is my strongest. l don’t know if this makes sense.

All three right now. I know you’re wanting me to pick one. but I never have just one thing I am doing at any moment

A Nasty Boy: How are you able to tie in everything at the end of the day?

Wavythecreator: Well, it’s really a matter of deciding what you really want, how bad you want it, and what you’re going to do and willing to sacrifice to get it. For the most part I am always busy doing one thing or the other, but I have found a way to properly fit everything I do in a crazy schedule that works for me.

A Nasty Boy: Do people get you? And do you care if they do?

Wavythecreator: I don’t think people do. They try or they could say they do. But even my mom doesn’t get me. ‍♀ Do I care? Na! I do not live to please anyone really. As long as what I do satisfies my being, all is well in the universe.

Wavythecreator by Stephen Tayo

A Nasty Boy: What are some of the craziest things that you’ve been told along the way, especially about your ability to do all what you do?

Wavythecreator: I got told one day “this is a girl? Wow your parents are done for.” Very strange even though I laughed. I was also told once that I couldn’t do everything I am doing now.

A Nasty Boy: And what did you say to the person?

Wavythecreator: Watch me!

Fashion film shot and directed for @anastyboy_ #HIGH

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A Nasty Boy: What are the projects that you’re most excited about at the moment?

Wavythecreator: I am never excited about any project till I am done. But I am currently working on a visual for my single and also a short film I shot in January.

A Nasty Boy: Talk us through your single and what you’ve learnt since its release.

Wavythecreator: Well, it was inspired by a person I met and vibed with on another level. It’s pretty much about what you feel when the vibes are right. Since its release, I have learnt that people will rock to whatever they wanna rock to, and if you make dope shit, well, you’re in luck!

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