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In our weekly series dubbed Nasty Playlist, our Lagos-based writer, Adedayo Laketu, will recommend new, exciting and under-the-radar music to get you through the week. Tweet at him @adedayolaketu or at us @anastyboyng to send suggestions for future installments!

1. The Cry by Olú


Olú blew me away with this song which happens to be her debut single. It’s really a spectacle. The production is striped down to mellow keys and violins and her vocals speak in parables; pouring out some of the social issues we face in our lives.
It’s nice to hear a Nigerian song touching on subjects other than love and/or wealth. While she can indeed be likened to Asa, there’s no denying her ownership of this song. She’s Olú.


2. 30,000 Feet by Kyrian Asher :

Kyrian Asher is one of my favourite artistes buzzing under-the-radar. He’s well known in the Abuja music scene (where he’s based) and time and time again, he’s shown that he’s ready to break onto so much more. With each song and each project, he creates art in his music. From the production and delivery of his songs (in which he both sings and raps) to his art, he strives for perfection for us to enjoy.

30,000 Feet, his second single this year, is another showcase of his gift to create incredible music.

3. Ice – Jazzz Atta Feat. Idris King.

I actually found this song through Idris King (founder of 90s Baby and a leader in the rap scene) who, with his singles “Squad” and “Cruise,” already set a unique path for his sound. Jazzz Atta is the bubbling under Nubian Queen with a voice that pierces through one’s soul. On this song, she all-too-original voice will certainly leave you in an ‘icy’ mood after listening to it. King doesn’t disappoint as well with his French/English wordplay. Be sure to check out her EP named Practice.

4. Tomorrow – Fasina.

Nigerian music has always been about the vibes and the club bangers but Fasina is a man determined to reinvent this space. Based in the UK, the young artiste creates music which sometimes makes you move your body and sometimes, like on this single, plays with your feelings. Producer Yinoluu keeps things soft and easy for you to sink into the groove and really get into it.

5. To Name A Few – Based.

When I was a kid, I loved bands. Coldplay, Maroon 5, Boys Like Girls, and even Backstreet Boys ruled my discman. I always wanted to see bands in Nigeria, and yes, I stanned for Plantashun Boiz, X-Project, Styl Plus and the rest who tried to be bands but it was enough. I wanted the chemistry, the heart, the raw and experimental essence of a band. I finally found two Nigerian bands worth their stuff last year. Paradise Motel and To Name A Few. The latter is a two-man band made up of TobeGolddrumMachine‘ and Brumeh who sing, produce together. They also have individual careers as they are signed to music label Euphonic while co-owing their own label Artsquare. Their single, Based, shows their chemistry as the beat is an unusual feel of alt-pop merged with Brumeh’s raving vocals. He talks about love, drugs, sex and being young. This is my jam!