no place to call home

VISUALS / Nigeria
08 December, 2018
Photography: Terna Iwar
Producer: Richard Innanoshe

In Nigeria, boys who dress outside their gender are mocked and turned into caricatures in the media. They are taunted and poked fun at for wearing dresses and makeup. Back here, choice is only an idea that a lot of us strive for, and once different from the norm, such a person becomes a victim of a society like ours that does not leave room for difference to thrive.

Photography by Terna Iwar

With this story, we tried to capture the solitariness that boys who cross-dress experience from our society. Their lives, empty of any sense of community or belonging; neither here nor there, as they continue their journey to self-acceptance and discovery in the face of such enormous hate.

Photography: Terna Iwar 
Creative Direction: Richard Innanoshe
Makeup: Mike Michaels
Models: Okechukwu Ojukwu, David Nirvan
Wardrobe: Fruche

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