Thebe Magugu SS17

I was just fed up with all the pressures of day to day urban life and imagined a woman having to take refuge into the great outdoors and surviving, — Magugu.

Inspired by the plain, ordinary but enjoyable simplicities of a life lost in our past and far away from the pressures of our cosmopolitan realities. Thebe Magugu’s debut collection gracefully expounds on a life that existed in a time before now, when we were nothing but happy children playing games in vast plain fields. His woman travels far into the past to when she was young and free of the cares of this world to find a remarkable quiet and peace in the things she enjoyed the most in her youth.

Thebe Magugu’s thoughtful debut collection is most strikingly characterized by blues, browns, burgundy reds and warm orange with pin striped blouses, neat accordion pleats, plissé inserts, bare-shouldered halter pieces and multi-pocketed cargo denim pieces.

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