Nasty Feature: The Velvet Revolution

Velvet Revolution, exclusively premiering on A Nasty Boy, is the first part of an on-going photography and art exploration series by South African art director, Tutu Zondo. The series is in collaboration with The OTA Project, a collaborative platforms that brings together likeminds to create and make, exploring topical issues surrounding self-identity.

Tutu Zondo, through Velvet Revolution – and other elements, has created a project comprised of venerated images regarding queer folk; showcasing, displaying and representing a multitude of various and unique contributors to such an ever-growing society.

Speaking to us on Velvet Revolution and the entire project, Tutu Zondo had this to say;

It’s becoming more and more important to for us to explore and look at the world around us, for us to start investigating things that affect us, things that matter to us. And as artists how do we do this, how do we speak out creatively?

Through Velvet Revolution, Zondo works toward exploring a softer side of masculinity, going beyond heteronormative behaviour and portraying tactility between men in a non-sexual manner. He aims to continue showcasing the need to broaden present gender limitations and stereotypes through his images.

To change the way we see the world we live in, to challenge it.

Tutu Zondo: founder of The OTA Project currently stands in collaboration with photographer Lex Roussos, stylist Dev Thomas and two upcoming queer models: Mpumi Ngwenya and Mzee Amani. Zondo’s simplistic yet powerful portrayal of groundbreaking societal evolution is an eye-catcher, a mural of black beauty and pride that’s wrapped in bounty: blessings and exposure for the voiceless in such a silent space.

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