At first glance, they seem to watch over the children and make sure everything is fine. But in fact day care goes far beyond praising childcare, and children’s dentistry is not just cleaning teeth. How much does a pediatric dentist make?

Requirements for becoming a pediatric dentist can affect student loan repayment

Pediatric dentists go to dental school just like other general dentists. But where a general dentist can start an apprenticeship right after graduation, pediatric dentists go through two or sometimes three years after graduation.

This can worsen the student loan repayment strategy because the resident’s salary is a fraction of what they would do if they left immediately and become a general dentist. For this reason, the short-term repayment strategy in the residence may differ from the optimal long-term strategy.

Working environment

There are many pediatric dentists. Most pediatric dentists work in private, solo or as part of a group. They usually treat patients in office conditions as part of a team that includes a dental assistant and dental hygienist. Opportunities also exist in the franchise settings. Some pediatric dentists may be on duty and respond to injuries and emergencies in office and hospital settings. There are pediatric dentists who teach and supervise clinical practice in dental schools and residency programs. Some do research in medical centers, children’s hospitals or corporate laboratories. Eighty-five percent of practicing pediatric dentists are women. Most pediatric dentists work full-time, but with the ability to control their own schedules, many pediatric dentists find that they can achieve a very satisfactory balance between work and family life.

How much does a pediatric dentist make?

How much does a child dentist earn?

A primary pediatric dentist with less than a year’s experience can be expected to receive an average total compensation (including tips, bonus and overtime) in the amount of USD 172 407 based on 7 wages. Early career A child dentist with 1-4 years of experience earns an average of $ 172 206 in compensation on average based on 91 salaries. An average dentist with 5-9 years of experience earns an average of USD 193,269 based on 40 salaries. An experienced pediatric dentist with 10-19 years of experience earns on average USD 201.593 based on 23 salaries. In their late career (for 20 years), employees receive an average total wage of $ 195 294.

Child dentists can get a solid student loan plan

Children’s dentists can find a clear path to pay off at a dental school – one that not only allows them to save much more money during repayment, but also enables them to take steps to successfully implement their debt repayment plan.



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